Friday, January 23, 2009

OMB Publishes 2010 SOC Revision

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Standard Occupational Classification Policy Committee (SOCPC) have released the final version of the 2010 Standard Occupational Classification (SOC). The SOC is a listing of all unique occupations recognized by Federal agencies for the purpose of collecting, calculating, and disseminating data. NAMSS submitted comments to include a new listing for Medical Staff Services Professionals as a management profession in the SOC.

The SOCPC decided not to include the listing in the 2010 revision, stating that the work performed by MSPs is currently encompassed under the listings for human resources and compliance occupations. The SOCPC also stated that MSPs do not “primarily engage in planning and directing;” therefore, they do not meet the qualifications of a unique management profession. NAMSS disagrees with these assessments.

In approximately two weeks, the SOCPC will release detailed responses to all comments received. Responses to the comments on Medical Staff Services Professionals can be viewed on the Department of Labor’s website at: NAMSS will present reasoning that further explains the separation between MSPs, HR, and compliance occupations after reviewing the SOCPC rationale.

The next revision of the SOC will begin in 2013 for the 2018 edition. NAMSS would like to thank all members who submitted comments to OMB and will continue to report on additional follow-up efforts.

The Federal Register notice can be found here:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Montana Court Affirms Injunction Against Hospital in Physician's Suit

The Montana Supreme Court affirmed a preliminary injunction against St. James Healthcare in a suit raised by Dr. Jesse Cole. Cole v. St. James, DA 07-0410. Cole, a member of the St. James medical staff, applied for reappointment in 2006. Without notice, the board of directors changed Cole's status from active to consulting. Cole then refused to participate in a subsequent investigation of alleged problematic relationships with patients and staff members. Cole contended that he was entitled to peer review under the medical staff bylaws prior to his change in status. The board later denied his request for reappointment.

Cole sued St. James for breach of contract and sought an injunction which would stop St. James from pursuing further action against him and reporting his status change to the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) while the breach case was pending in the trial court.

The Montana Supreme Court affirmed the decision of the trial court to grant the injunction and restore Cole's staff privileges. The court reasoned that the purpose of an injunction is to prevent irreparable harm pending judgement in a suit. By reporting Cole's change of status to the NPDB and revoking his privileges without peer review, the court ruled that Cole's reputation would suffer the consequences of the breach of contract even if the trial court were to find St. James at fault.

The Montana Supreme Court's opinion can be found here:^doaisd510&ID=003800779

Source: BNA

TJC Appoints New Executive Director, Hospital Programs, Accreditation and Certification Services

The Joint Commission (TJC) has appointed Mark G. Pelletier, RN, MS as the executive director of Hospital Programs, Accreditation and Certification Services.

Pelletier will manage currently accredited hospitals and critical hospitals and will work with those facilities seeking accreditation or re-accreditation. He will also work with surveying staff to analyze pre- and post-surveying processes.

Pelletier comes from Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, IL where he was senior vice president and chief operating officer. He has held prior positions at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Resurrection Health Care, and Children's Memorial Medical Center in Chicago.

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Source: The Joint Commission

Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 Changes to TJC Hospital Requirements

The Joint Commission (TJC) has issued a reminder that several hospital accreditation requirements have been revised, effective January 1, 2009. The changes have been made in order to better comply with the CMS Conditions of Participation as TJC prepares to submit its renewal application for continued hospital deeming authority.

Surveyors will begin looking for compliance with these changes immediately; however, they will not score according to the revised standards until July 1, 2009 to allow hospitals to implement the changes.

A draft of the revised standards can be found here:

Source: The Joint Commission