Monday, April 1, 2019

NAMSS Updates Ideal Credentialing Standards for Practitioner Applicants

NAMSS has recently released an updated version of the Ideal Credentialing Standards, which outline best practices for the initial credentialing of independent practitioner applicants in medical facilities. The Ideal Credentialing Standards were initially released in 2014, having been developed with a coalition of notable industry representatives across the credentialing ecosystem. In 2019, members of the NAMSS Board convened to review and update the Standards to align with current best practices in the credentialing profession.

The Ideal Credentialing Standards have been recognized as an essential document for determining the gold standard of practitioner credentialing for the past five years. In order to ensure that the Standards remain reflective of the highest level of credentialing practice, NAMSS Board members reviewed the Standards and analyzed new developments in credentialing nationwide. The working group included updates to the standards around identity proofing, education and training, and military service, and revised the list of potential red flags. Additionally, the group detailed recommendations around Internet background checks and social media review, as applicants’ online history continues to be a thorny issue for Medical Staff Offices.

The updated edition of the Ideal Credentialing Standards can be found on the NAMSS website.