Wednesday, August 20, 2008

NAMSS Closes in on MS.1.20 Changes

The Joint Commission’s (TJC) MS.1.20 Task Force held an in-person meeting on May 7 and a phone conference on May 15 to work towards a final revision of Standard MS.1.20.

Over the next two weeks, Task Force members will finalize recommendations to the Board of Commissioners for their May 31 meeting. Changes proposed by the Task Force include:

The flexibility to place operational details such as credentialing either in the medical staff bylaws or in rules or policy and procedures documents
A conflict resolution process requiring the medical staff to work with the medical executive committee to resolve disagreements before going directly to the governing body. When approaching the governing body, both the opinions of the medical staff and medical executive committee must be submitted for review

NAMSS will release the latest revision of MS.1.20 once it is approved by the Board of Commissioners for field review and will alert the membership once a field review date is announced.

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