Friday, October 23, 2009

Doctor Responsible for Treating Octuplets' Mom Ejected from the Society of Reproductive Medicine

It wasn't so many months ago when hospitals and Ethics Committees across the country were discussing the issue of in vitro fertilization. Today a decision was made by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine in the case of Dr. Michael Kamrava. Dr. Kamrava was responsible for treating Nadya Suleman, who had octuplets in 2009.

Dr. Kamrava's case focuses on the question of how many embryos should be implanted into a woman during in vitro fertilization. Dr. Kamrava had a history of implanting six or more embryos in women other than Suleman.

While Dr. Kamrava is not barred from practice, stripping him of his Society membership is a signal of what the Society will consider ethical regarding embryo limitations.

The full article can be found here:,0,4363432.story.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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