Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Conn. Attorney General to Seek Legislation on Medical Mistake Disclosure

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has announced plans to seek legislation requiring hospitals to improve the disclosure of medical mistakes.

The legislation would also direct resources to the state Medical Examining Board and Department of Public Health to for the investigation of medical mistakes and complaints of errors.

Blumenthal believes that disclosure of medical mistakes will create transparency and increase hospital accountability for errors committed.

This is definitely a good strategy toward improving the delivery of health care services and preventing further medical mishaps. Better investigation of mistakes and complaints at all hospitals will be a huge undertaking for the state government, but may be an effective step toward preventing unnecessary patient harm. It will be interesting to see where the resources for this improved oversight will come from, whether or not this initiative is successful at improving care, and whether or not other states will seek similar legislation.

Source: BNA

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