Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Question of the Week: Using the Internet in Credentialing

Attorney Mark Kadzieleski recently gave a presentation in which he recommended that MSPs "Google" applicants and practitioners in the reappointment process.

While Google might not provide the same in-depth information as a primary source, it and other Internet search engines are definitely a resource worth considering. For example, HR professionals are increasingly using Google and conducting searches of applicants' social networking pages like Facebook and MySpace to gain more information about candidates. An Internet search of a practitioner's name may help MSPs discover not only information about a candidate's character, but also information such as additional practice locations that the practitioner may not have disclosed on his or her application.

It is important to remember that while it may be useful, an Internet search is not a verified source of information on an applicant. When performing an Internet search, make sure that the "John Doe" that comes up in your search results is the same "John Doe" that has applied for privileges at your facility.

The question of the week is, do you use Internet search engines to obtain information about applicants and those going through the reappointment process? If you are performing Internet searches of your applicants, let us know what type of information you have been obtaining in the comment field.

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pamygirl said...

I use the internet 100% of the time to get accurate physician address and group information. HCP often do not give complete addresses on their applications at initial and reappointment for peer references, sometimes only the facility name. Google helps with physician profiles and photos of the peer references. I also the internet for OIG verification, EPLS, verification and NPI number.