Friday, March 5, 2010

HRSA Replaces Data Bank Management

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has confirmed the reassignment of the management team in charge of the Division of Practitioner Data Banks (DPDB), which is in charge of the NPDB and HIPDB reporting systems.

The reassignments come after a report by ProPublica, an independent, nonprofit investigative group revealed inadequate reporting to the databanks by 20 states. This report surfaced as the section 1921 expansion became effective, which requires states to report adverse licensure sanctions.

Darryl Gray, Director of DPDB, has been replaced by Mark Pincus, who served as the program's director prior to Gray's term.

While HRSA recognizes that the databank may have gaps, they still encourage entities to query the NPDB for sanctions, especially now that private healthcare entities have access to sanctions for all licensed healthcare providers under section 1921. HRSA is working with the states to strengthen the information in the NPDB, and announced that states that inadequately report to the system will be publicized in July 2010.

Source: Los Angeles Times,0,2139660.story

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