Monday, October 25, 2010

OIG Study Examines Medical School Education on Fraud and Abuse

There is and will continue to be more and more investigation into Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse which is costing the US taxpayers billions of dollars each year.

One question being discussed is where and when should medical students be provided with instruction on compliance with Medicare and Medicaid laws to prevent fraud and abuse, or is this better left to residency and fellowship training programs?

In the report from the Office of Inspector General (OIG), Department of Health and Human Services, it is reported that Medicare and Medicaid compliance is being provided in medical schools and graduate medical education programs:

44% of medical schools are providing instruction to students

66+% of graduate medical education programs and fellowship programs

The OIG realized that it is difficult for medical schools to incorporate comprehensive education on Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse into the medical curriculum. Therefore, it plans to develop educational materials that can be distributed to medical school programs and to engage in conversations with program directors regarding the usefulness of these materials.

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