Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hospital Researcher Found to Have Neither a Medical Degree Nor a PhD

A recent story in The Detroit News discusses the case of William Hamman, a researcher at Western Michigan University who claimed that he had a medical degree as well as a PhD. Hamman had allegedly been working on journal articles on patient safety and care before his credentials were found to be false.

Hamman had impressive credentials in the aviation industry and had worked with WMU on a project to study how aviation industry standards could be applied to improve safety in healthcare. In 2009, Hamman joined William Beaumont Hospital to help train the members of the medical staff on communication and teamwork skills. Hamman was never a member of the medical staff, nor did he provide patient care.

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Anonymous said...

Carol, thanks for providing the link. It was the first time I had the opportunity to read the entire accounting. Interesting case. I'm glad they clarified several times that he did not provide patient care and did not go through credentialing!