Wednesday, August 8, 2012

E-Synergy: A Great New Feature

Where Do you Keep your Synergy Magazines?
Many times over the years, I have wanted to reference a past Synergy article and had to refer to my four three-inch binders of magazines on my bookcase to try to find it.  It would take time to look through all of these binders and try to remember when the article was published.

Over a year and a half ago, I took a position at a new hospital.  When I packed up my office, I had two boxes full of the three-inch binders with all my past Synergy magazines.  I thought as I packed them and moved them from my car to my garage to my new office, "Should I keep all of these?"  But quickly I said, "Yes, I might need them someday."

I was excited to read Melissa Walter's Synergy Editor article about the new technology for Synergy.  I can now recycle my binders of past magazines and utilize this great new tool.  In minutes, I will be able to find an article simply by typing a few key words.  I can now bookmark articles that I am interested in reading later and I can view them online -- and in large print!!  I won't have to be at my office to look at Synergy; I can pull it up on my IPHONE, IPAD, or laptop.  This is a great change that we definitely will not hate, as Charles Kettering said, it will certainly bring on progress.  Thank you, NAMSS, for this great new tool!

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