Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NAHQ Issues a Call to Action: “Safeguarding the Integrity of Healthcare Quality and Safety Systems”

Yesterday, the National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ) announced a Call to Action to leaders of healthcare organizations to implement protective structures to assure accountability for integrity in quality and safety evaluation as well as comprehensive, transparent, accurate data collection, and reporting to internal and external oversight bodies.   

The National Association Medical Staff Services (NAMSS), under the direction of Kate Conklin, Past President of NAMSS, was one of the organizations with whom NAHQ collaborated to develop these guidelines.  Medical services professionals (MSPs) are often on the front line in ensuring that qualified practitioners are caring for patients.  With the adoption of suggested guidelines and techniques, MSPs are further assured protection as they investigate applicants and oversee ongoing medical staff quality initiatives.  

We applaud NAHQ in their efforts to raise the bar in our healthcare system and we encourage each of you to review this document with your administration.  Let’s partner with NAHQ and other national healthcare professional organizations in the noted article to become agents of change to establish a strong safety culture in each of our organizations.     

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