Friday, May 9, 2014

NAMSS Releases Ideal Credentialing Standards at Industry Roundtable

Yesterday, NAMSS released best practice standards for practitioner credentialing at its Ideal Credentialing Standards (ICS) Roundtable.  The ICS Roundtable brought together representatives from government agencies and leading healthcare policy experts to discuss practitioner credentialing and how the ICS could be utilized.  

NAMSS has identified 13 essential data elements that serve as best practice for practitioner credentialing at medical facilities.  Today’s Roundtable provided a platform for thought leaders to discuss the flaws of the current credentialing system and the collaborative steps necessary to standardize provider credentialing.  

Credentialing is the gateway to patient safety.  Preventable Adverse Events in healthcare kill 200,000- 400,000 Americans annually, making them the third-leading cause of death in the United States.  Some of these deaths could be avoided if the healthcare system could better identify unqualified healthcare practitioners through the credentialing process.  Industry collaboration is essential to realize a credentialing system that reduces costs, streamlines the process – and ultimately, protects patients.   

NAMSS' Ideal Credentialing Standards can be downloaded here and on the NAMSS website.

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