Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Joint Commission Statement on Mental Health Care for Providers and Healthcare Staff

On May 12, the Joint Commission released a statement on the importance removing the barriers to mental health treatment for healthcare providers and non-clinical staff. The COVID-19 pandemic places additional pressures on healthcare workers, but many do not seek mental health support or treatment because they believe that it could negatively affect their careers, credentials, or licensing statuses.

The Joint Commission strongly encourages organizations not to inquire about a practitioner’s history of mental health and supports the FSMB's and AMA's recommendation, “to limit inquiries to conditions that currently impair the clinician’s ability to perform their job.”

The Joint Commission supports eliminating any obstacles and policies that discourage healthcare workers from obtaining mental health services. It is critical that organizations pay attention to healthcare workers’ mental health and ensure they have access to mental health treatment during this time.

Visit the Joint Commissions Coronavirus Resource Page for more resources on staff health and wellbeing. Stay connected to NAMSS by visiting the NAMSS COVID-19 Resources Page.

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