Friday, May 7, 2010

Submit Your Thoughts for an Upcoming Synergy Article

This year, NAMSS and CAQH are collaborating on the shared goal of identifying ways to increase efficiencies in the credentialing process. An upcoming issue of Synergy will feature an article on CAQH’s Universal Provider Datasource (UPD) and application. For this article, we are looking for feedback from the membership with your thoughts as a user of the UPD and CAQH application. The article will highlight the feedback of the membership and will provide an update on how CAQH is working to make the UPD system easier to use.

The NAMSS Industry & Government Relations Committee has already provided comments to CAQH with ideas on how to improve their application for the hospital-user community. NAMSS is pleased that CAQH is reviewing the committee’s proposed changes for inclusion in a future version of their application. CAQH wants to hear more about your experiences so we can work together and can continue to make the application and UPD system more user-friendly for providers and credentialing professionals.

Here is your chance to share your experiences on using the system with both the NAMSS membership and CAQH. To provide your experiences for the article, complete the following survey by Friday, May 21:

Questions can be sent to

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