Monday, May 23, 2011

Optometrists' Surgery Rights, Physician Dress Code Rules

Today's edition of American Medical News highlights two legislative developments in Kentucky and New York.

Kentucky: A recently passed law that allows optometrists to perform certain surgeries, including postcataract and glaucoma procedures, has created a debate between physician organizations and the American Optometric Association. The physician groups argue that optometrists lack the necessary training and education necessary to perform surgeries and handle complications. The American Optometric Association argues that optometrists have a record of providing quality services and that the expanded scope of practice will improve access to eye care in underserved communities.

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New York: A proposed bill in New York would require health professionals to adopt a "bare below the elbow" dress code when interacting with patients. The bill is an effort to reduce hospital-acquired infections resulting from bacteria that can travel on neckties, long sleeved clothing, watches, and jewelry. Opponents of the bill state that there is no clear evidence linking the presence of bacteria on clothing and jewelry to the rate of hospital-acquired infections.

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