Thursday, May 26, 2011

State Spotlight: Missouri

MoAMSS Advocacy Efforts - House Bill 347, "The Prompt Credentialing Act"

In March of 2011, House Bill 347 the “Prompt Credentialing Act” was introduced in the Missouri House of Representatives. The Bill stated that every health carrier shall complete the process of verifying health care professional’s credentialing information and make a final determination to credential the health care provider within 60 calendar days of receipt of a complete application. It also stated that immediately after becoming credentialed, every health carrier shall retroactively compensate health care professionals for services rendered from the date of the application. Working with NAMSS, we sent a letter to the bill's sponsor, Representative Kirkton, outlining our concerns if the legislation was passed in its written form. Our letter also proposed revisions that would preserve the bill's purpose without diminishing the value of proper credentialing.

The Bill did not make it through the Missouri Legislative session which ended May 13, 2011. House Bill 347 was rolled into another Bill, House Bill 863 and MoAMSS will continue to monitor any progress that it may have in the future.

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